Guide to referees

Referee statement

Please mail your stament together with your additional comments and the manuscript to us as soon possible, but no later than eight weeks after you received the manuscript.

Kari Palonen, Editor in Chief, kari.i.palonen(at)

Your Referee statement should include the following information:

  • Title of the manuscript:
  • Date sent:
  • I recommend that this article manuscript should:
    • 1. Be published as it stands.
    • 2. Be published with some minor revisions which are specified in the enclosed report.
    • 3. Be published only after substantial revisions which are detailed in the enclosed report.
    • 4. Not to be published.
  • Comments: A printed evaluation statement in English with no more than one A4-page or 500 words is preferred. Your comments may concern questions such as the relevance of the topic of the research, the quality of the theoretical approach, the structure of the text and its arguments, and possible flaws in the arguments and approach, and whether the manuscript makes a convincing intellectual contribution.