Guide to authors


  • Initially, submit your full manuscript, an abstract (100-150 words), and your full name and address, to Kari Palonen (kari.i.palonen(at) The deadline for manuscripts for volume 16 is September 30th 2011.
  • Manuscripts should preferably be submitted as email attachments.
  • The maximum length for manuscripts: article 10 000 words, review article 5000 words, book review 2000-3000 words.
  • Contributions should be in English. Spelling should be either British or American English consistently throughout.


  • You can use endnotes or references in the text. They should be accompanied with full bibliography and should be as precise as possible.
  • Notes should be kept to a minimum. Footnotes should be used only for purposes such as explaining the title of the article, or the quality of the essay (e.g. Opening Address at the VII Annual Conference of the History of Political and Social Concepts Group, Rio de Janeiro, 7-9 July 2004).
  • Endnotes should be numbered consecutively throughout the text in brackets. They should be listed in a section Notes following the main text. The notes should not contain reference material if this can be absorbed in the text and list of references.


  • References in the text should be as precise as possible, giving page references where necessary. For example: (Guicciardini NNNN, 51). All references in the text should appear in the list of References.
  • At the end of the article, References should follow the Notes, and should be listed (1) alphabetically and (2) chronologically. Names of journals should be given in full with page references. Please pay special attention to the use of capitals, italics and punctuation marks given in the following examples:
  • Examples of References:
    • Articles in journals: Andrew, Edward 1990. The Foxy Prophet: Machiavelli versus Machiavelli on Ferdinand the Catholic. History of Political Thought, Vol. XI, Is. 3, Autumn 1990, 409-422.
    • Articles in collections: Baron, Hans 1968. The Querelle of the Ancients and the Moderns as a Problem for Renaissance Scholarship. In Paul O. Kristeller and Philip P. Wiener (eds.), Renaissance Essays. New York: Harper & Row, 95-114.
    • Books: Henderson, John 1994. Piety and Charity in Late Medieval Florence. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Final manuscript copy

  • If not written by a native speaker of English it is the responsibility of the author to have the paper checked by a native speaker. Redescriptions does not provide language consultation services.
  • Manuscripts may be submitted as email attachments, and they must be submitted as rtf documents. Please follow these instructions:
    • 1. Justify the text to the left (leave the right margin unjustified).
    • 2. Check the spelling.
    • 3. To emphasize something, use italics.
    • 4. Do not leave double spaces between letters and words.
    • 5. Do not use capital letters for titles and headings.
    • 6. Do not indent text in any way, leave one empty line between paragraphs.
    • 7. Do not leave any unnecessary empty lines between paragraphs.
    • 8. Do not leave double spaces after punctuation marks.
    • 9. Do not hyphenate the text.
    • 10. Inform the editors of text editing program (and the version of it) you have used.
  • Figures and plates should be submitted as EPS, TIFF or JPG files accompanied by a hard copy. They should be numbered consecutively, with appropriate captions. Reference to any Figures or Plates should be made in the main text and their desired position should be indicated on the printout.
  • Tables should be numbered consecutively and provided with appropriate captions. They should be referred to in the main text and their desired position should be indicated on the printout.
  • Quotations should be given in double quotation marks. Quotations longer than 4 lines should be set apart from the main body of the text with a blank line above and below the quoted text.
  • Examples should be numbered with Arabic numerals in parentheses and set apart from the main body of the text with a blank line above and below. Examples from languages other than Modern English should appear in italics with a translation in single quotes immediately below each such example. If required, a word-by-word gloss (without quotes) may be provided between the example phrase and the translation.

Contact information:

Please email manuscripts and books for review to:
Editor in Chief Kari Palonen
Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy
P.O.Box 35
FI-40014 University of Jyväskylä