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Volume 15

2011, Volume 15

The concepts and rhetoric of democracy are once again the main focus of this Redescriptions' volume from four different perspectives. The articles take up the claim of representative democracy as an elective aristocracy, the past and present of the British parliament, the media's dealing with gender in the US presidential campaign and the reactivated debate on obligatory voting. Read more »

Volume 14

2010, Volume 14

Volume 14 opens with two contributions to ancient rhetoric and philosophy, and to their modification among later thinkers. The second cluster of articles includes a discussion on the Finnish 19th-century concept of "woman", an intellectual biography of a German-American scholar and a review article of a Spanish conceptual history dictionary. The third theme connects to debates on democracy in the journal's previous volumes with articles on the conceptualization of emergency with a focus on Sweden, on the relationship between democracy and resentment, as well as a proposal for the parliamentarization of elections. Read more »

Volume 13

2009, Volume 13

Following the profile of recent issues of the Yearbook, volume 13 (2009) of Redescriptions focuses on contemporary debates around the concept of democracy. Several articles, by scholars from different fields (political theory, philosophy, history, rhetoric, women's studies, law), discuss the present state and future prospects of democracy, its relationship to other concepts (deliberation, rhetoric, parliament, majority vs. minority) as well as its (in)compatibility with the power of the courts and the expertise. In this volume examples of conceptual histories are provided by articles on women's suffrage and friendship. Read more »

Volume 12

2008, Volume 12

Redescriptions was recently renamed as the Yearbook of Political Thought, Conceptual History and Feminist Theory. In volume 12 (2008) aspects of studying the politics of the past are thematized through feminist historians' discussion on war and the role of the worker in communist regimes. One article and two comments on an article published in volume 11 deal with contemporary theories of democracy. One of the included articles discusses the chances of democratization in the EU, and one carries out a fictional analysis of an undemocratic regime. Three articles propose rhetorical redescriptions of key political concepts, namely "objectivity", "decision" and "patriotism". Read more »

Volume 11

2007, Volume 11

In Redescriptions, volume 11 (published in November 2007), several articles take up the problems of historical and political time. They analyze the rhetoric and the discourse of various modes of conceptualizing time, as well as its significance for political practices. Another cluster of articles moves around the concepts of democracy, representation and political liberty. In several cases, the point of departure for the discussion lies in the current experience of disappointment in the existing democratic practices. These articles both analyze projects which confront the present with the past possibilities, and offer some fresh attempts at reconceptualizing democracy. Read more »

Volume 10

2006, Volume 10

The 2006 volume of Redescriptions has two main themes, the political principles and practices of democratic political representation and the temporal dimension of politics, discussed in six articles and two review articles. Different principles and organizational arrangements play a key role in theories of political representation, in the democratization of suffrage and in the present debates on the modes of equal representation of women. The articles discussing the proper time for politics also refer to issues closely connected to debates on democracy and representation today. Read more »

Volume 9

2005, Volume 9

With nine articles neatly combining contemporary theorizing and historical approaches to political thought and concepts, this volume of Redescriptions draws attention to two topics several of the contributions share. In these articles rhetoric serves both as a style of political theorizing and as a medium of conceptual change. In addition, the relationship of political thought and practice to religion is discussed as a subject matter as well as in the sense of a cultural heritage that is used by the political agents for contemporary purposes. Read more »

Volume 8

2004, Volume 8

The editorial in this volume justifies renaming the journal as /Redescriptions. /In addition, this volume includes articles on the concepts of liberalism and tolerance, three articles on Dutch political thought and conceptual history as well as an article of the Finnish concept of ‘citizen´. Read more »

Volume 7

2003, Volume 7

This volume contains two articles on conceptual change through translation, linked to the project on Finnish conceptual history; one of the articles discusses methodological problems of conceptual translation, the other the Finnish concept of power. Also, this volume includes three articles related to the concept of ‘nation’. Read more »

Volume 6

2002, Volume 6

This volume includes two autobiographical accounts on the Anglophone approaches to political thought and intellectual history, an article by Terence Ball and an interview with Quentin Skinner. In two further articles the relationship between rhetoric and conceptual change is discussed from two contrasting perspectives. Read more »

Volume 5

2001, Volume 5

This volume contains three articles related in a broad sense to the republican thought in the early modern era, as well as three articles around the concept of politics discussed from different perspectives, including one on the history of the concept in Finland. Read more »

Volume 4

2000, Volume 4

This volume has three different foci, namely a discussion on the principles of political representation, articles on different aspect of the Enlightenment thought and two articles on the Finnish political concepts, namely those on the state and society, as the first one of presenting the aspects of Finnish conceptual history. Read more »

Volume 3

1999, Volume 3

This volume discusses “Conceptual change and contingency” from the perspective of the alternative approaches to the history of concepts. The key contributions to this theme are based on presentations and comments given at the first international conference on conceptual history projects organised at the Finnish Institute in London 1998. Read more »

Volume 2

1998, Volume 2

The topic of the volume is political judgment. The main focus lies in Hannah Arendt’s re-thinking of this concept in the post-totalitarian situation. The authors discuss Arendt’s works from different intellectual traditions, and situate Arendt’s thinking in relation to some classical or contemporary authors, such as Immanuel Kant or Jean-François Lyotard. Read more »

Volume 1

1997, Volume 1

Finnish Yearbook of Political Thought promotes both the mediation of current intellectual trends and debates to a "peripheral audience", as well as contributions from Finnish scholars to debates on political thought. The articles of this volume are mainly based on presentations given by Reinhart Koselleck and the discussants of his work in a symposium held in Helsinki. Read more »