Volume 6

redescriptions Volume 6

Published in 2002

Contents 2002, Volume 6


Eerik Lagerspetz

Is Political Theory Politically Interesting?, 5



Topic 1: Anglo-American Approaches to Intellectual History and Political Theory

Terence Ball

Confessions of a Conceptual Historian, 11


Petri Koikkalainen & Sami Syrjämäki

Interview with Quentin Skinner, 32

Quentin Skinner on Encountering the Past, 34


Topic 2: Rhetoric and Conceptual Change 


Angus Gowland

Ancient and Renaissance Rhetoric and the History of Concepts, 67


Willibald Steinmetz

“A code of its own”: Rhetoric and Logic of Parliamentary

Debate in Modern Britain, 87


Other articles

Hubertus Buchstein

Democracy's Secret. Carl Schmitt and the German

Critique of Secret Voting, 107


Per Mouritsen

Virtue, Size, and Liberty. Republican Citizenship at

the American Founding, 126


Book reviews

Kari Palonen

A ‘Discipline of Reading’, 179


Contributors, 184