Volume 4

redescriptions Volume 4

Published in 2000

Contents 2000, Volume 4


Palonen, Kari

Conceptual History as Political Theory, 5



Topic 1: Principles of Representation


Jones, H.S.

Political Uses of the Concept of ‘Representation’How the French

Debated Electoral Reform, c. 1880-1914, 15


Ankersmit, F.R.

Comments to Jones, 37


Nurmi, Hannu

Comments to Jones, 42


Topic 2: Enlightenment Thought

Siep, Ludwig

Rousseau’s Normative Idea of Nature, 53


Mäki, Markku

Modes of Reciprocity in Rousseau’s Thinking, 73


Haikala, Sisko

Denouncing the Enlightenment by a Conspiracy Thesis:

Göchhausen’s Enthüllung der Weltbürgerrepublik, 96


Topic 3: History of Concepts


Pulkkinen, Tuija

Valtio – On Conceptual History of  the Finnish ‘State’, 129


Kettunen, Pauli

Yhteiskunta – ‘Society’ in Finnish, 159


Other articles

Bevir, Mark

The Text as a Historical Object, 201


Parvikko, Tuija

Positivists versus Moralists. The Eichmann Trial and International Law, 223


Book Reviews

Narr, Wolf-Dieter

Now-time is not the Same as Now-time (Kia Lindroos), 253



It Takes a Finn to Write a Concept History to the English

(Pasi Ihalainen), 264

Quante, Michael

On the Very idea of 'Modern' Moral Thinking (Marjaana Kopperi), 269


Palonen, Kari

The Latest Return of Sartre, 276


Contributors, 285