Volume 3

redescriptions Volume 3

Published in 1999

Contents 1999, Volume 3


Palonen, Kari

Contingency in Political Theory, 5



Main Topic: Conceptual Change and Contingency


Richter, Melvin

Begriffsgeschichte Today – An Overview, 11


Coleman, Janet

The Practical Use of Begriffsgeschichte, 28


Palonen, Kari

Rhetorical and Temporal Perspectives on Conceptual Change, 41


Skinner, Quentin

Rhetoric and Conceptual Change, 60


Whitebrook, Maureen

Novel and Novelty – Dealing with Contingency, 74


Nelson, John S.

John le Carré and the Postmodern Myth of the State, 100


Eräsaari, Risto

Why Recognition of Contigency Is Not Surrendering to Contingency?, 132




Salmela, Mikko

The Fight for European Culture, 149


Aarnio, Eeva and Pekonen, Kyösti

Changing Conceptions of Party Programmes in Finland, 178


Book Reviews

Räsänen, Iisa

Concepts between Words and Meanings, 209


Hyvärinen, Matti

The Tropes of Mr Rhetorical Turn, 221

Soininen, Suvi and Subra, Leena

Anthony Farr on Oakeshott and Sartre, 229


Contributors, 239