Volume 2

redescriptions Volume 2

Published in 1998

Contents 1998, Volume 2


Palonen, Kari

Judging Politics – A Temporal Perspective, 5



Main topic
Political Judegement: Hannah Arendt and Others

Forti, Simona

Judging Between Politics and History, 15


Parvikko, Tuija

Hannah Arendt as Judge. A Conscious Pariah in Jerusalem, 37


Mertens, Thomas

Arendt’s Judgement and Eichmann’s Evil, 58


Fine, Robert

The Equivocations of Politics. On the Significance of Totalitarianism

in Hannah Arendt’s Political Thought, 90


Kotkavirta, Jussi

Observations on Arendt, Kant and the Autonomy of

Political Judgement, 112


Pulkkinen, Tuija

Jean-François Lyotard on Political Judgement, 131



Setälä, Maija

Referendum, Agenda-Setting and Models of Democracy, 147


Nygård, Toivo

Historians on Finland’s Status in the Russian Empire, 175


Hyvärinen, Matti

The Fictional Versions of ‘Valta’ (Power). Reading Aleksis Kivi,

Arvid Järnefelt and Juhani Aho Conceptually, 203


Review Article

Palonen, Kari 

Liberty Is Too Precious A Concept to Be Left to 
the Liberals (Skinner, Quentin: Liberty Before Liberalism), 243


Book Reviews

Guaraldo, Olivia

Adriana Cavarero: Identity and Storytelling, 261


Disch, Lisa

Tuija Parvikko: The Concept of Pariah in Hannah Arendt’s Political Thought, 267


Steiner, Hillel

Sirkku Hellsten: A Critical Analysis of Liberal Political Philosophy, 273


Dörner, Andreas

Carver, Terrel & Hyvärinen, Markku (eds.): Interpretive Methods for Political Science, 275

Contributors, 282