Volume 12

redescriptions Volume 12

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Contents 2008, Volume 12


Tuula Juvonen
Feminist Redescriptions, 7


Kari Saastamoinen
Representations and Redefinitions?, 12



Márton Szabó

The Communist Worker as a New Citizen In History.

An Essay on the Three Phases of Hungarian Socialism, 19


Lisa Disch

The People as "Presupposition" of Representative Democracy -

An Essay on the Political Theory of Pierre Rosanvallon, 47


Kari Palonen

'Objectivity' as Fair Play. Max Weber's Parliamentary

Redescription of a Normative Concept, 72


Claudia Wiesner

Democratic Legitimacy, Democratisation and Democratic Identity.

of the European Union - Old Questions, New Challenges, 96


Laura Werner

Love at the Heart of the State: Hegel on

Public-spiritedness, Family and Political Life, 123


Burkhard Conrad

Kierkegaard's Moment. Carl Schmitt and

his Rhetorical Concept of Decision, 145


Mikako Iwatake

Post-colonial Critique and the Politics of

Writing Women's History, 172


Matti Hyvärinen

Friendship, Care, and Politics:

Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go, 202



Quentin Skinner

Comments On Frank Ankersmit's Political Representation

and Political Experience: An Essay on Political Psychology, 227


Raymond Geuss

Blair, Rubbish, and the Demons of Noontime, 232


Review Articles

Jan Ifversen

Jacques Guilhaumou and the French School, 244


Book Reviews

Howard Hsueh-Hao Chiang

Reading Gender, Reading Sexuality: Joan W. Scott,

Afsaneh Najmabadi, and Categories of Historical Analysis, 264


Björn Hammar

On Power, Order and Prudence in Early Modern

Spanish Political Thought, 271


Paul-Erik Korvela

Refounding Modern Political Thought, 276


Philipp Erbentraut

Ulrich Haltern 2007. Was Bedeutet Souveränität?, 285


Contributors, 290