Volume 15

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Contents 2011, Volume 15


Kari Palonen

Human Rights, International Law and the British Parliament

- Three Modes of Regulating Political Activity, 9


Hubertus Buchstein

Compulsory Voting, Compulsory Talking, 13



Frank Ankersmit

What If Our Representative Democracies Are

Elective Aristocracies?, 21


Martti Koskenniemi

Between Coordination and Constitution: International Law

as a German Discipline, 45


Miia Halme-Tuomisaari

'Absolute and Undefined': Exploring the Popularity

of Human Rights in Finland, 71


Paul Seaward

The Idea of Parliament in British Political Culture,

Bolingbroke to Brown, 99


Cornelia Ilie

The Gender Divide in Election Campaign Interviews:

Questioning Barack Obama and Calling into Question

Hillary Clinton, 125


Discussion Articles

Anthoula Malkopoulou

Debating Compulsory Voting:

Electoral Reform as a Conflict of Political Concepts, 151


Manuel Toscano Méndez

What Kind of Values Do Languages Have?

Means of Communication and Cultural Heritage, 171


Book Reviews

Niels Hegewisch

John Keane.The Life and Death of Democracy, 187


Michael Hein

Niklas Luhmann. Edited by André Kieserling.

Ideenevolution. Beiträge zur Wissensoziologie, 197


Markku Hyrkkänen

Lucian Hölscher. Semantik der Leere.

Grenzfragen der Geschichtswissenschaft, 203


Anna Kronlund

Banishing the Rhetoric of the Exception. Nomi Claire Lazar.

States of Emergency in Liberal Democracies, 211


Kia Lindroos

Davide Panagia. The Political Life of Sensation, 219


Rosario López Sánchez

Vincent Guillin. Auguste Comte and John Stuart Mill

on Sexual Equality: Historical, Methodological

and Philosophical Issues, 225


Birgit Schippers

Judith Butler. Frames of War:

When is Life Grievable?, 231


Lasse Thomassen

Michael Saward. The Representative Claim, 239


Contributors, 245