Volume 7

redescriptions Volume 7

Published in 2003

Contents 2003, Volume 7


Eerik Lagerspetz

Was Kant Wrong? Some Republican Reflections on War and Peace, 5



Topic 1: Translating Politics

Kari Palonen

Translation, Politics and Conceptual Change, 15


Matti Hyvärinen

‘The People’s Power’ (Democracy) as an Argument in Finnish Party Manifestos, 36


Topic 2: ‘Nation’ in Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands 

Tarja-Liisa Luukkanen

Savages and Barbarians? An Example of Creating a Respectable Past for Finnish-Speaking Finns in the 19th Century, 71


Jussi Kurunmäki

Redescribing the Political Past National Rhetoric in the Swedish Debate Concerning the Parliamentary Reform of 1866, 90


Pasi Saukkonen

The Political Organization of Difference, 113


Other articles

Tapani Turkka

Danby’s Measures A Study in the Management of Parliament, 139


Book Reviews

Quentin Skinner’s Visions of Politics 1-3 Reviewed by

Markku Hyrkkänen

The Point of Intellectual History, 163


Paul-Erik Korvela

“Nascono Liberi e non Schiavi” ,181


Juhana Lemetti

Quentin Skinner and the Heyday of Hobbes the Humanist, 189


Other Book Reviews

Pasi Ihalainen

The Rise of Nationalism against, out of and within Religion, 195


Bruce E. Gronbeck

De Jouvenel’s Pure Politics: Redefining the Political in Post-World War II Theory, 204


Contributors, 212