Volume 13

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Contents 2009, Volume 13


Kari Palonen
Parliamentarism As A Rhetorical Condition Of Democracy, 7


Pierre Rosanvallon

Decentring Democracies, 17


José María Rosales

Winning Debates And Losing Votes:

The Parliamentary Uses of Self-Determination, 35


Maija Setälä

Rhetoric And Deliberative Democracy, 61


Michael Th. Greven

The Erosion Of Democracy - The Beginning Of The End, 83


Tuija Pulkkinen

Tradition, Gender And Democracy To Come -

Derrida On Fraternity, 103


Evgeny Roshchin

Supplanting Love, Accepting Friendship:

A History Of Russian Diplomatic Concepts, 125


Anna Elomäki

Rethinking Political Action And Enforcing Sexual Morality:

Finnish Women's Struggle For Suffrage As Conceptual Politics, 147


Frank Möller

Photography And The Approximate, 169


Sia Spiliopoulou-Åkermark

The Åland Islands Question In The League Of Nations:

The Ideal Minority Case?, 195

Book Reviews

Helge Jordheim

Begriffsgeschichte According to Gumbrecht -

Or: What Meaning Can Convey And Cannot Convey, 209


Lena Halldenius

Quentin Skinner. Hobbes And Republican Liberty, 219


Lisa Disch

Pierre Rosanvallon.

La légitimité démocratique: Impartialité, reflexivité, proximité, 225


Lida Maxwell

Tuija Parvikko. Arendt, Eichmann And The Politics Of The Past, 235


Christopher McCorkindale

Richard Bellamy. Political Constitutionalism:

A Repubican Defence Of The Constitutionality Of Democracy, 241


Bo Stråth

Margit Pernau.

Bürger mit Turban. Muslime in Delhi im 19. Jahrhundert, 251


Contributors, 255